Your feedback appreciated!

Hey everyone!

Being smart and clever people, you’ve probably noticed that every year we all get together in November and excitedly share our progress and generally have a bunch of fun creating awesome stuff, and helping each other with advice or encouragement, and  talking about game design. Then November ends and this website gets very quite for about the following ten months… just like it has been so far this year! The NagaDemon Facebook page is a little more active than this site, mostly because I’m a member of a number of groups on FB so it is easy to drop a comment or respond to folk that way. I’ve tried to use Google+, but am just not there all that frequently!

Anyway, this annual stretch of quiet is something that weighs on my mind – I would love the site to be useful all year round, not just in November. What would you like to see here? To read about or learn about? Do you feel you can contribute in some way? I will be up front and say whatever happens in the future, it needs to be sustainable and manageable as I run NagaDemon between work commitments and a family of wild children! 🙂 Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

While you are leaving that comment, make sure you also tell us where you most often talk about games, game design, and your own endeavours. Give yourself a shout-out!


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  1. Well, on G+ in my case. Loads of game designers are very active on G+ in various communities, and it’s my primary source of information and discussion about games.

    1. G+ is totally the place to be for game designers, I think. When G+ first came out I was there a lot, but somewhere along the way I lost my grasp on it! Need to revisit… 🙂

    1. There might be an opportunity for some kind of post sharing arrangement. I think I need to reach out to designers and bloggers, too, and see if they want to share or contribute in some way. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Hi Steve, sorry for the late reply – my life in September and October has been CRAZY! I have posted over on the Facebook page, but nowhere else. Are you designing something this year?

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