The Weekend Beckons!

Here we stand, on the precipice of the first weekend in November! Prepare yourself, gird your loins, check your parachute (if you need one) and get ready to go, go, GO!

Make a plan now, and set a mini goal. Make it big and bold. Tell your friends and loved ones that you are busy, take your phone off the hook. Set aside some time and use it!

Be prepared to SUCK. The point is to finish your game and play it, not make it the WORLDS MOST AWESOME GAME EVER. *Cue guitar riff* Now, don’t get me wrong, it might be the worlds most awesome game ever, just not yet. It’s going to need playing and playtesting, a good edit and maybe even a massage (at least metaphorically). So don’t get hung up on making it perfect at this stage. Just get the thing written/put-together/done.

My goal this weekend is to write the character generation chapter for my game. What’s your goal?

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