The Very Easy Game Design Survey

Hi all!

I hope you have completely recovered from your NaGa DeMon awesomeness and that your 2014 has begun well! Last year I ran a survey asking you about your Game Design experience, and this year I am doing the same – with one huge difference.

This year’s survey only asks you to answer one question out of a possible two. Here they are right now:

If you participated in National Game Design Month, 2013, why?


If you did not participate in National Game Design Month, 2013, why not?

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By “participate”, I mean, had an attempt at creating a game during November (you didn’t have to finish it).

Pretty simple question, right? Leave your answer in the comments below, or send me an email!

Why these questions? Well, I want to make this website useful to you (and others!) all year round, not just in November. We are pretty busy and active during November, but the website is basically dormant the other 11 months of the year, and that just seems silly to me.

So, I would like to know why you did or did not get involved in NaGa DeMon so I can look at ways of making the site more useful for you. Did you get involved because you just like a good challenge; or you are interested in game design; or you had mother better to do for 30 days in November? Cool! Did you not participate because November is just the wrong time of year for you; you didn’t know where to start; or you just wanted to follow along and see what others were doing? Awesome stuff!

And, by all means, take the opportunity to leave any other constructive feedback you have. I want to make this site better for everyone.



6 Replies to “The Very Easy Game Design Survey”

  1. I participated in NaGa DeMon 2012 and completed the first draft of TFT Tekumel, a set of rules for playing in Tekumel, M.A.R. Barker’s science fantasy classic, powered by The Fantasy Trip rules.

    This year, I did not participate, entirely because I was preparing to run Tekumel games at a con. I ran an 8-hour scenario, divided in two 4-hour sections.

    1. Sounds awesome, Brett. I have never played The Fantasy Trip, but the “old school” part of me would really love to give it a try. What con did you run the game at?

  2. Yes, last year I created a pen and paper solo game called HymenopTerra. I wasn’t very public about it here, but NaGaDeMon was the inspiration for it.

  3. I’ve been working all summer on Frozen Thunder and I’m thinking that NaGaDeMon would be a good break from that ‘grind’. Looking forward to whatever the Muses throw at me. 🙂

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