Talkin’ About Talkin’

Yesterday I took a break from my game design to head to my monthly games club meet-up. I played a game of Libertalia (micro-review: really good!) and then became engrossed in a discussion on game design with my good friend Duff.

Duff is designing a board / card game. He has a solid concept of what the game is about, but just wanted to talk through some ideas on actual play. We chatted for a good hour or so, drew sketches of cards on scrap paper and jotted ideas for mechanisms to force decision making and create tension. I asked him questions about the goal of the game, what he wanted players to feel, and to be doing, and where on the “deep strategy <–> beer and pretzels” chart he wanted his game to live.

By the time Duff left he had a folder full of notes, a head full of ideas and a smile on his face. And do you know what, so did I! It turns out, talking about game design can help you out even when it is not your game you are focusing on!

So, have you been talking about game design, your successes, failures, discoveries or troubles? Feel free to leave a link to your latest blog or forum post below, or just blurt it all out here!

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  1. Reading this reminded me of a game idea I had a few years ago. It’s a card game based on another, much older, computer game. And now I’m thinking more about that than my RPG idea 😛

    I need to write out some notes on it, and set it aside for next year’s NaGaDeMon 🙂

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