Share the conversations – Week 4

This is it everyone! We are heading into the final stretch of National Game Design Month, so hang on to your hat!

Now is the time to do those last minute fix-ups and give your game another play (or a first play!). Tell your friends all about it, and share your experiences with anyone and everyone who will listen!

This week there is no specific link-up for your conversations. With the finish line so close many of you will be completing your work or putting the finishing touches on your game, playing it and so on. When you are ready, head over to the 2013 Slayers page and link to your finished game or any other work you want to share. The 2013 Slayers page will become an easy-to-navigate point to find everyone’s work from this year. You will be able to add your link to that page until December 24th.

Good luck, everyone!

Keep On Truckin’

Alrighty, week 3!

You have either struggled through week 2, or finished your game and spent waaay too much time high-fiving yourself in the mirror. Either way you have made it to this point and we are on the down-hill slide to the end of November.

Hopefully you have enough of your game done to actually play it this week. It doesn’t have to be completely finished, but you should have enough to show someone and “have a try”. Make that a priority this week, even if it is just a quick run through by yourself, a play around with character generation, or a little demo-session at your local club or game store.

If you’re in the US, spend Thanksgiving eating turkey and playing games!

Some of you will have your second-wind now. Use it! Go for broke and achieve great things!

If you have finished your game, play it, revise it and make it even more awesome. If you haven’t finished your game yet, play it, learn from it, and then keep on truckin’!