Fantastic work!

Wow, you did it again! You set out on an epic quest of game design, overcame mighty challenges and terrible puzzles,  and finally stood face-to-face with the Demon itself! Some fell to the venomous breath of the beast, others lost limbs but soldiered on, swinging their pen and glue in wide and bloody arcs of inspiration and creativity. And a few, a Mighty Few, slew the Demon and stood triumphant on the wreckage of its carcass to bask in the glory and adoration of their fellow slayers.

I congratulate all of you!

Whether you completed your game or not, your efforts are commended, the sacrifices you made in the pursuit of your goal are recognised, and your participation appreciated. Without you raising your hand on November 1 and saying “I’ll have a go!” (or words to that effect), this event would not exist at all. So thank you!

Now that November is over, take a moment to breath, gather your thoughts and look back triumphantly on what you have achieved. Take stock of your accomplishments and make a list of things that need further work, or ideas you want to file away for later. Whatever you do, don’t stop enjoying your game and the process of game design. If you did not finish your game, then continue to potter away at it over the next month or two – come back in January and tell us how you have progressed. Whether you defeated the Demon or not, share your experience with others, tell us what helped you and what hindered you.

Don’t forget to put a link to your completed game (or your thoughts on the experience) over on the 2013 Slayers page. The link tool will remain “open” until December 25th (Australian Eastern Standard Time) so whenever you get something you are happy to share, pop over there and add your link.

I would also love to hear from you if you have thoughts or ideas on how to improve NaGa DeMon. Leave a comment below, or send me message via your favourite social media platform. If you have advice or thoughts you would like to share with others, also drop me a line – it would be great to prepare some short articles to put up on the website or in the newsletter over the course of 2014.


– Nathan Russell, December 1, 2013

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4 sleeps to go…

Okay, so it’s Sunday in this part of the world so that means NaGa DeMon is only four sleeps away! That seems awfully close, and I don’t feel anywhere near ready yet! I have a kinda-vague idea what I will be working on in November, but I would like to do a little more planning. There is also a lot more I would like to do for the NaGa DeMon “event”, too. At this stage I expect this website to be updated at least a couple of times a week, so it will be worth your while popping by or even subscribing (the RSS feed button is just over there on the right). Some wonderful people have volunteered to answer some questions as part of a feature I will be calling Demon Hunters, and I will also give you a weekly “pep talk” to keep you going (hopefully…). Later in the month I hope that some of you will begin achieving your goals and begin sharing your experiences in a little article series that we will call Demon Slayers! More details on that later.

Today, I want to give a big THANK YOU! to all the people that have gone out into the world and talked about NaGa DeMon. The response to this year’s little event has been nothing short of amazing. AMAZING! My mind is totally blown by the enthusiasm of participants (whether you plan on creating a game or not, I consider you a participant in this amazing ride). So, thanks to all of you for talking about NaGa DeMon, offering advice and feedback, and just getting involved. Everything I have done for this year’s event has been because you have all been so excited about it. At the risk of turning into a cliche, you have totally inspired me this year!

I am really excited about the coming month. I know you are, too. Now, I’m off to prepare!