2016 Game Design Madness

Hi all, and sorry for my (outrageous) tardiness. I have had a very hectic year and am way behind on the Naga Demon duties. Apologies! But I am here now to say that game design madness is on again and plenty of people have already pledged that they are participating, over on the Facebook page.

This year I am going to get a complete play test document for may car combat game out. I opened the word document again the other day and found it had been a full year since I first drafted the game! Time to finish it I think. ūüôā

How about you? What will you be designing and playing this year?

NagaDemon’s Are Go!


If I may steal from the classic British sic-fi show, Thunderbirds:

NagaDemon’s Are Go!

It is now November somewhere in the world so you should be creating, planning, devising, writing, rolling, testing, or rubbing your hands together like a super-villain from a Bond film! Good luck to everyone participating this year. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone creates – make sure you keep us informed via your favourite social media platform, blog posts, or sending me an email!

Of course, don’t forget the most important rule: Have Fun!


Welcome To NagaDemon Eve…

NagaDemon Eve is a thing, right?

The streets around my place are filled with ghosts, goblins and all manner of other monsters. I see a spooky pumpkin on the fence across the road. My Facebook stream is filled with blood and creatures and adorable princesses (?!). The meaning couldn’t be clearer – NagaDemon is about to begin!

It is Halloween here in Australia, and it will be everywhere else soon enough. Which means tomorrow NagaDemon 2015 officially begins. I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best of luck.If you haven’t done so already, make sure you subscribe to¬†the newsletter (hit the big red button!) and introduce yourself on the 2015 Roll Call page.

See you when the demon slaying begins!

2015 Roll Call

Welcome to National Game Design Month 2015!

Say hello in the comments below, and make sure you tell us where to find out more about you and your game!

It is my hope that I will be able to make navigating to your work, conversations and (hopefully) finished games easier this year. Make sure you let the world know that you are giving NaGa DeMon a go by talking about the event on your favourite forum, your blog, FB, G+, or just by screaming wildly from the top of the tallest building in your neighbourhood! By all means, throw a comment below, too, telling us who you are and what you are hoping to achieve this year!

You can find the official Facebook page here, our Twitter is @TheNaGaDeMon and on G+ here!