Share the conversations – Week 4

This is it everyone! We are heading into the final stretch of National Game Design Month, so hang on to your hat!

Now is the time to do those last minute fix-ups and give your game another play (or a first play!). Tell your friends all about it, and share your experiences with anyone and everyone who will listen!

This week there is no specific link-up for your conversations. With the finish line so close many of you will be completing your work or putting the finishing touches on your game, playing it and so on. When you are ready, head over to the 2013 Slayers page and link to your finished game or any other work you want to share. The 2013 Slayers page will become an easy-to-navigate point to find everyone’s work from this year. You will be able to add your link to that page until December 24th.

Good luck, everyone!

Share the conversations – Week 3

Three weeks in already – can you believe it? I hope you are making great progress – some people are already playing their games, trying them out, tweaking and refining. This can often be a tough week and the motivation to keep going can be hard to come by, but don’t worry – YOU CAN DO IT! The end is fast approaching, so why not buckle down and give it your best shot!

Share anything about your game design journey, and don’t forget to visit a few of the links as they appear below – leaving comments, offering advice and generally supporting each other is a really important part of this whole event!

Have you been playing your game this week? What has been difficult, surprising, or fun about your game design so-far?

Share the conversations – Week 2

I hope your first ten days of game design and demon slaying have been exciting, fun and successful! Keep up the hard work and continue to make progress on that game. I was amazed at how many people linked up to their blog posts and other thoughts on game design last week and am looking forward to seeing how your work progresses as we move towards the mid-point of the month.

The title for this post says “week 2” but I am not sure if that is accurate as we are kind of a week and a half into the month already – oops. I am going to continue the format of calling each of these posts “week 2”, “week 3” etc, but feel free to post links about what you have done at any point in your game design journey. (Journey – did I really just call it a “journey”, that’s the English teacher coming out…)

Once again, hit the blue button below to add your link and pic. If you get the chance, please visit a few other people’s links and leave a comment or two – it is great to find a comment from a new person on your blog, or an encouraging statement, or a brilliant piece of feedback!

So, what have you been up to this week?

Share the conversations – Week 1

Okay, here’s the idea. Wherever you decide to talk about your game, game design or your general NaGa DeMon experiences, share that stuff here. I am going to put up one post like this every Saturday (I know, today’s not Saturday, but I wanted to get it out before November started!) so we collate a weekly “snapshot” of the conversations that are happening. This post will stay “open” until next Friday, then a new one will open on Saturday November 9th.

I will also create a page closer to the end of November so that everyone can link-up their actual game, or a post related to their completed work.

How do you share your conversations? Well you can leave a comment at the end of the post, but what you really should do is use the blue “add your link” button below. You can link to a blog, forum or Facebook post, a website, images or anything else that has a URL. Add a picture to make it pretty and a short title and you’re done. At the end of the week we will hopefully have a bunch of easy to navigate links that will take us to each other’s thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Once you’ve added your link, by all means get back to working on that game! It would also be really cool if you visited one or two other links, left a comment on that person’s blog or FB page or whatever they have linked to.

So, how has your first week been?