Fantastic work!

Wow, you did it again! You set out on an epic quest of game design, overcame mighty challenges and terrible puzzles,  and finally stood face-to-face with the Demon itself! Some fell to the venomous breath of the beast, others lost limbs but soldiered on, swinging their pen and glue in wide and bloody arcs of inspiration and creativity. And a few, a Mighty Few, slew the Demon and stood triumphant on the wreckage of its carcass to bask in the glory and adoration of their fellow slayers.

I congratulate all of you!

Whether you completed your game or not, your efforts are commended, the sacrifices you made in the pursuit of your goal are recognised, and your participation appreciated. Without you raising your hand on November 1 and saying “I’ll have a go!” (or words to that effect), this event would not exist at all. So thank you!

Now that November is over, take a moment to breath, gather your thoughts and look back triumphantly on what you have achieved. Take stock of your accomplishments and make a list of things that need further work, or ideas you want to file away for later. Whatever you do, don’t stop enjoying your game and the process of game design. If you did not finish your game, then continue to potter away at it over the next month or two – come back in January and tell us how you have progressed. Whether you defeated the Demon or not, share your experience with others, tell us what helped you and what hindered you.

Don’t forget to put a link to your completed game (or your thoughts on the experience) over on the 2013 Slayers page. The link tool will remain “open” until December 25th (Australian Eastern Standard Time) so whenever you get something you are happy to share, pop over there and add your link.

I would also love to hear from you if you have thoughts or ideas on how to improve NaGa DeMon. Leave a comment below, or send me message via your favourite social media platform. If you have advice or thoughts you would like to share with others, also drop me a line – it would be great to prepare some short articles to put up on the website or in the newsletter over the course of 2014.


– Nathan Russell, December 1, 2013

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Friday already?

Another Friday down already? Where is the time going? Some participants have made amazing progress and I am very excited to hear that playtesting is going on – congratulations to all those demon hunters, you have just about completed your EPIC QUEST! Way to go!

If you’re languishing a little bit like myself, never fear! The weekend is here again, and although you have lots of other commitments and your loved ones are wondering where exactly you’ve disappeared to, I say you join me in buckling down and doing some good-old-fashioned catching up!

I am SOOOOO far behind. Remember last weekend, when my goal was to complete the character creation rules for my RPG? Well…. Definitely this weekend. Actually, I have booked a session of my game for next Friday, so I need everything ready to go by then. That’s kind of a rock-hard deadline for me. If you are struggling a little you might want to invite some friends around for a game sometime soon as a form of motivation, too.

Once again, way to go all of you that are on track, and keep on keeping-on those of you that have fallen behind! It’s not over till the fat gamer sings, and I’m not in tune yet!

Talkin’ About Talkin’

Yesterday I took a break from my game design to head to my monthly games club meet-up. I played a game of Libertalia (micro-review: really good!) and then became engrossed in a discussion on game design with my good friend Duff.

Duff is designing a board / card game. He has a solid concept of what the game is about, but just wanted to talk through some ideas on actual play. We chatted for a good hour or so, drew sketches of cards on scrap paper and jotted ideas for mechanisms to force decision making and create tension. I asked him questions about the goal of the game, what he wanted players to feel, and to be doing, and where on the “deep strategy <–> beer and pretzels” chart he wanted his game to live.

By the time Duff left he had a folder full of notes, a head full of ideas and a smile on his face. And do you know what, so did I! It turns out, talking about game design can help you out even when it is not your game you are focusing on!

So, have you been talking about game design, your successes, failures, discoveries or troubles? Feel free to leave a link to your latest blog or forum post below, or just blurt it all out here!

Checking In – Nathan’s project

Okay, so how is that mini-goal going? I said on Friday my mini-goal for this weekend was to get the character generation chapter for my RPG Perpetual City completed. So far I have spent a fair bit of time writing descriptions of the different denizens of the city but have not got into a lot of crunch. That is okay for now, as the setting is at least as important as the rules for my little project. However, I am really going to have to get into gear if I want that chapter finished by Sunday night!

You can read more about what I am doing (including “excerpts”) over on my blog.

So what’s working for me so far? Turning off the TV! I am lucky that my wife is happy to write on her blog while I work on my game, so there is no distracting television in the background. My plan is to record the shows I want to watch (or hit Hulu) so I can use them as rewards for when I reach those mini-goals.

How are you going? Are you rewarding yourself?