Community construction in progress

EDIT! I have deactivated the community function for the moment. Spam is an issue – a big one! – and I want to spend November creating games not deleting spam! I will revisit this after November and see if we can sort things out for next year.

I have had a number of people this year (and every year) ask about an “official” NagaDemon forum or other community space. To this point I have resisted for two simple reasons; firstly, I firmly believe you will talk more in the communities / forums / social media that you already use and are most comfortable with; and secondly because I don’t have the time to devote to forum moderation. However, there are many valid reasons to have a single place for NagaDemon participants to talk with each other, ask questions and share experiences.

So, I thought we might try a bit of an experiment. I have set up a community feature that will allow you to share what you have been doing, create and join groups, make connections with others and generally keep a check on what others are doing. It is a plugin for wordpress sites (which this site is) called BuddyPress and it is designed specifically for creating communities and dedicated social networks. I haven’t used this feature before, so it is all completely new to me, but I thought that together we could try it out and see if it works for us.

If you hit the big red “JOIN!” button on the right you can set up an account and get involved. There isn’t much activity as I am currently the only member (!), but I am sure we can fix that! Currently the feature is a very simple “activity stream”, a little bit like a Facebook stream I suppose, though you can also create groups and the like. There are a variety of other functions (including a forum) that can be added, but I just thought we should see how this goes first.

So, join, try things out, and let me know what you think. Leave some comments / messages in the community, or in the comments section below.




NagaDemon’s Are Go!


If I may steal from the classic British sic-fi show, Thunderbirds:

NagaDemon’s Are Go!

It is now November somewhere in the world so you should be creating, planning, devising, writing, rolling, testing, or rubbing your hands together like a super-villain from a Bond film! Good luck to everyone participating this year. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone creates – make sure you keep us informed via your favourite social media platform, blog posts, or sending me an email!

Of course, don’t forget the most important rule: Have Fun!


Welcome To NagaDemon Eve…

NagaDemon Eve is a thing, right?

The streets around my place are filled with ghosts, goblins and all manner of other monsters. I see a spooky pumpkin on the fence across the road. My Facebook stream is filled with blood and creatures and adorable princesses (?!). The meaning couldn’t be clearer – NagaDemon is about to begin!

It is Halloween here in Australia, and it will be everywhere else soon enough. Which means tomorrow NagaDemon 2015 officially begins. I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best of luck.If you haven’t done so already, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter (hit the big red button!) and introduce yourself on the 2015 Roll Call page.

See you when the demon slaying begins!

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope…

Help me Obi Wan
A picture of me impersonating Obi Wan, in order to justify the ridiculous title of this post…

Hi everyone! November is sooo close right now I can almost smell it!

I received an email recently from a fan of NagaDemon asking if they could help out in some way. It was a really nice offer and one I took them up on. You may or may not be aware that this website and the social media accounts and all the stuff associated with it is a one-man show; not so much by choice, but simply because I am not very good at asking for help or delegating! So here is me being brave and putting it out there – if you would like to help out in any way, let me know!

There are two areas in which I feel I need help the most. Firstly, I need enthusiastic participants (or non-participants, if you don’t have time to create this year) to be active on social media, talking to other participants, asking questions about their game designs, answering questions about the event, and generally encouraging everyone to “just keep going”. Talking about games and the game design process has always been an important part of NagaDemon, however my ability to cover all the various social media platforms on a consistent and thorough basis is limited. Google+ is one platform in particular that I just have not delved deep into, so I often miss mentions or questions there. I encourage everyone to be open and active on social media and engage others often. Perhaps we need a hashtag to make it easy to find discussion….

The second area of assistance relates to this site (and the newsletter). I would like to post regular content, particularly throughout November. What do you want to read / learn about? Do you want reviews, interviews, game design advice / tips, encouragement, resources, or something else? If nothing else, let me know what would make this site more useful to you. If you have an article (or an idea for an article) you would like to write for the site, that would also be awesome – if I have to write everything, the amount of material will be limited. I can’t offer you much beyond my eternal gratitude and the fame (or infamy!) of having an article on the site, as I run NagaDemon purely for the joy of the experience.

I think interviews with game designers (aspiring, part-time, professional, retired or otherwise) would be a good starting point. A simple Q&A style interview that gives some insight into the designer’s background, their games, their design process, and perhaps a handy tip or two. If you would like to be interviewed, or there is someone you think would be awesome to interview, let me know!

Thanks so much for your time and enthusiasm. If you can help out in any way, let me know, either by commenting below, or sending me an email.

Nathan Russell

2015 Roll Call

Welcome to National Game Design Month 2015!

Say hello in the comments below, and make sure you tell us where to find out more about you and your game!

It is my hope that I will be able to make navigating to your work, conversations and (hopefully) finished games easier this year. Make sure you let the world know that you are giving NaGa DeMon a go by talking about the event on your favourite forum, your blog, FB, G+, or just by screaming wildly from the top of the tallest building in your neighbourhood! By all means, throw a comment below, too, telling us who you are and what you are hoping to achieve this year!

You can find the official Facebook page here, our Twitter is @TheNaGaDeMon and on G+ here!