Share the conversations – Week 3

Three weeks in already – can you believe it? I hope you are making great progress – some people are already playing their games, trying them out, tweaking and refining. This can often be a tough week and the motivation to keep going can be hard to come by, but don’t worry – YOU CAN DO IT! The end is fast approaching, so why not buckle down and give it your best shot!

Share anything about your game design journey, and don’t forget to visit a few of the links as they appear below – leaving comments, offering advice and generally supporting each other is a really important part of this whole event!

Have you been playing your game this week? What has been difficult, surprising, or fun about your game design so-far?

3 Replies to “Share the conversations – Week 3”

  1. I’ve playtested my game a couple of times now, and the rules are currently going through some major revisions. But the response has been generally positive, so I’m encouraged.

  2. Well, the project is finished. Overall a very successful NaGaDeMon fo me with a lot of lessons learned. The best part? Everyone who has read or playtested the module likes it and had fun. Can’t ask for more than that.

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