Share the conversations – Week 2

I hope your first ten days of game design and demon slaying have been exciting, fun and successful! Keep up the hard work and continue to make progress on that game. I was amazed at how many people linked up to their blog posts and other thoughts on game design last week and am looking forward to seeing how your work progresses as we move towards the mid-point of the month.

The title for this post says “week 2” but I am not sure if that is accurate as we are kind of a week and a half into the month already – oops. I am going to continue the format of calling each of these posts “week 2”, “week 3” etc, but feel free to post links about what you have done at any point in your game design journey. (Journey – did I really just call it a “journey”, that’s the English teacher coming out…)

Once again, hit the blue button below to add your link and pic. If you get the chance, please visit a few other people’s links and leave a comment or two – it is great to find a comment from a new person on your blog, or an encouraging statement, or a brilliant piece of feedback!

So, what have you been up to this week?

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  1. I am really loving the fact people are using the link-up tool. It makes it so easy to see what people are doing and follow their progress!

  2. I’ve now played Zombology 4 times, using three different rules sets and two different prototypes. You can read the first and second versions of the rules (along with discussions about what I changed and why) and download the PDFs for the print and play second version on my blog:



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