Okay, here’s the idea. Wherever you decide to talk about your game, game design or your general NaGa DeMon experiences, share that stuff here. I am going to put up one post like this every Saturday (I know, today’s not Saturday, but I wanted to get it out before November started!) so we collate a weekly “snapshot” of the conversations that are happening. This post will stay “open” until next Friday, then a new one will open on Saturday November 9th.

I will also create a page closer to the end of November so that everyone can link-up their actual game, or a post related to their completed work.

How do you share your conversations? Well you can leave a comment at the end of the post, but what you really should do is use the blue “add your link” button below. You can link to a blog, forum or Facebook post, a website, images or anything else that has a URL. Add a picture to make it pretty and a short title and you’re done. At the end of the week we will hopefully have a bunch of easy to navigate links that will take us to each other’s thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Once you’ve added your link, by all means get back to working on that game! It would also be really cool if you visited one or two other links, left a comment on that person’s blog or FB page or whatever they have linked to.

So, how has your first week been?

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26 Responses to Share the conversations – Week 1

  1. Eric Lange says:

    I haven’t started yet for this year’s NaGa DeMon but I will be tracking it in my blog come this Friday! I also have some warm up games posted as well! http://elgamedesign.blogspot.com/?m=1

  2. Nathan says:

    Excellent! Towards the end of the first week hit that blue “Add your link” button and link either to a specific post or to your blog’s homepage. It will come up looking pretty and everything.

  3. Ryan Wilson says:

    Sweet idea! I’ll try to take part in this 🙂

  4. Sounds like a plan. Looking forward to completely it this year!

  5. Ynas Midgard says:

    I’m still gathering ideas, but when there’s something worthy of of sharing, I’ll definitely add the link here.

  6. Anomander says:

    Our local gaming group started some discussion on BGG and the whole thing has ballooned in the space of a few days. We currently have ideas and discussions running for a games about an Airport, Time Travel, a Harem, Elections, Greek Gods and more. We’re all just waiting to meet-up next week to really get it all moving.

    • Nathan says:

      That’s fantastic – and exactly the sort of thing you should link to with that “add your link” button above! Good luck to all your game group!

  7. Roy says:

    Wonderful Idea. I have a few I am working on, and will start a new one today, with the goal of it being done by the 30th. Will be adding a page to My blog for game Design.

  8. asutbone says:

    This is my first time taking part in the NaGaDeMon challenge. Looking forward to it.

  9. rskennan says:

    This is my first time participating. I just put up a blog post on my game design blog: http://tributerpg.blogspot.com/2013/11/my-nagademon-game-crank.html

  10. Started work on a one shot adventure for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion. Will hook up all the blogging niceness towards the end of the week to discuss it in full, but I’m keeping regular tallies on my twitter account.

  11. ElfIRL says:

    Awesome, added my link to the list and am very, VERY excited to see what and how everyone else is working on.

  12. lweismantel says:

    I just discovered this today. It’s the motivation I need to finish the game my 7 year old is begging me to complete (he plays and often requests Agricola and Puerto Rico, so it won’t be normal kid fare).

  13. Jack says:

    I’ll be blogging all month about my NaGa DeMon experiences on my Games Design blog: http://creationandplay.blogspot.com/



  14. Nathan W says:

    I don’t have an awesome picture (or any artwork for that matter) but here’s a link to my google drive document that I’ve been working on. Keep in mind, I’m an uber noob at this, I just got this idea a few months ago and my passion is the only thing fueling me. I tried the Add your Link, but I didn’t have a picture to upload so I couldn’t do it. I’m nervous to share my idea publicly, but I guess knowing other people are seeing it, and even having them criticize what might be terrible ideas would be a good thing.
    (The name of the game is not going to stay, it’s going to have a much catchier name)

    @Eric Lange, I really liked your idea, and it also gave me some good ideas on how to improve my player sheet ideas and such!

    • Nathan says:

      Nathan, Passion is the only thing you really need – everything else with come with trial, error and patience. Good luck!

  15. I’m going to have a bash at turning my existing RPG Treasure into a solo/ team adventure game/ RPG. or something like that. Involves attacking a lot of artwork. Back as I get more organised.

  16. Derek Hohls says:

    Do you think there will ever be an InGaDeMon – International Games Design Month – that non-US game designers can join?

    • Jackson Pope says:

      Hiya Derek,

      As you know, I’m based in the UK and I’m joining in, don’t let being in South Africa get in the way of joining in!



      • Derek Hohls says:

        Thanks Nathan & Jackson! Yes, that comment was tongue-in-cheek. The same way some people feel about America’s “World Series”, I guess. I do get the link to the “NaNoWriMo” – and I wonder if the folks who named that one only picked it because of alliteration? (PS I’m from the “other down under” – South Africa or, as I like to call it, the Edge of the Gaming Universe…)

    • Nathan says:

      Hey Derek, the “National” is just a riff on “NaNoWriMo”, and like that novel writing event this is a truly international event. Not least because I am an Australian, living in Australia! Participants are from all over the world so feel free to get involved! The international nature of the event is discussed in a variety of places, but it is something that could be made clearer on the front page – I will get onto that. From where do you hail from, Derek?

  17. Jackson Pope says:

    Hiya all,

    I should also probably mention, I’m running a game on my blog (with points and achievements to unlock!) for people to help me playtest my NaGa DeMon game.

    You get points for helping me playtest the game or providing useful feedback – so every can get involved.

    The prize, for the five most helpful people, is a copy of the finished game at the end of the month handmade, signed and numbered shipped anywhere in the world (except probably Antarctica) for free.

    Please join in and help me make a decent game in only a month!



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