Ride The High!

Hi and welcome to the start of your first full week in November! You’ve had four days to ease into NaGa DeMon and now an entire week stretches ahead of you. What a great opportunity to make progress on your game!

You’re no-doubt still on a high from your very first weekend of demon slaying, so keep riding the high and make as much progress as you can. Use that enthusiasm to take a few more risks. Look at what you’ve done already and realise anything is possible! Go for it! Reach for the stars! Why play it safe with the humble D6, when the D32 has been so under-utilised? Dare!

As you fling yourself into this week, refer back to your goal and shoot for it. Eye on the prize people. This could well be your most productive week EVER! Keep adding to what you’ve got, there is no time for detailed edits yet – get that first playtest draft well underway!

So, how are you tracking so far?

5 Replies to “Ride The High!”

  1. I actually finished my proto-proto-type and solo playtested the game 🙂 It works, although A LOT of things still have to be modified…

  2. I am slightly behind where I’d like to be but I think my notes are strong and when I come to write the setting, it will all fit together nicely. Also, having stopped myself from doing any graphics yet is a brilliant thing.

  3. So far really good. Basic system is complete… Just trying to do some playtesting, some polishing of the he write up, and then figure out how to use Scribus properly to get a good publication of it available. 🙂

  4. First draft of character cards complete, feedback received and draft 2 now being used for the Encounter cards. I have to say I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made so far 🙂

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