Links to useful articles and places around the web.

Any Dice – for testing die probabilities.

The Tiny Game Design Tool – An amazing (tiny) document that helps you focus in on your game.

The PocketMod – for creating small, pocket-sized documents.

Lulu, Create Space, Lightning Source – Print On Demand publishing companies

The Game Crafter – game components and printing

Icons8 – free flat icons

Game Icons – source of interesting icons for games of all kinds

Canva – online, free image creation

Unsplash – high quality photos available under CC license

Statistics How-To – this link takes you to an article on the probability of drawing from a deck of cards



4 Responses to Resources

  1. Stuart Burns says:

    For free stock art purposes, I was linked to

    Check out the license, it’s pretty open. As long as you modify the image you will be fine to use it in your work.

  2. If you’re looking for playtesters: I help run Indie+, an online RPG convention for indie tabletop games run on Google+. We’d be happy to advertise online Google Hangout playtests of NaGaDeMon games to our audience of 800+ players and designers.

    More info at

  3. Jimmy says:

    For boardgame ideas you can try it’s a tool for gamers made by gamers!

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