Ready To Rock 2015

Hi everyone! November is almost here, which means it’s almost Demon Slaying Time – YEEEHA! I hope you have sharpened your pencils, prepped your dice and told your gaming crew you will need them soon to play test your TOTALLY AWESOME GAME!

As always there are a bunch of you that have started preparing and have a solid idea, plenty of notes and a road map that will lead you to success. There are also just as many of you that are just going to do it all by the seat of your pants! Whatever your preferred method, make sure you pace yourself and keep the eye on the prize – getting your game to the table (or screen!) and letting some people enjoy a taste of it.

I apologise that I (and this website) have been so quiet this year. My family has had to deal with a number of unexpected (and sometimes scary) turns this year and while we are on a much more even keel now it has taken its toll on my time and energy. I am here, however, to support everyone in their endeavours this November. I want you all to create amazing, exciting, entertaining, thoughtful, fun games.

I will be as active as I can on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) and hope you will be, too. If social media isn’t your thing, leave a comment below with where you are blogging, commenting and sharing your successes! Share your progress; ask for and give feedback; and encourage everyone involved to keep going and continue to do their best.

Good luck everyone!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your family problems Nathan.

    My game has a similar premise to the old game ‘Barbarian Prince’: ‘D&D as a board game’ using choose-your-own-adventure style branching paragraphs.

    My game is probably closer to D&D in mechanics (multiple, and more detailed characters for example), but further away in theme.

    1. Ooh, sounds cool. I have never played Barbarian Prince, but have just discovered you can download the game for free from Dwarfstar Games – I may have to give it a spin!

  2. Been playing and designing (in my head and on paper) for years. I have a giant monster of a project I can’t seem to finish.

    In my frustration, I whipped up something quick and small – a crawl in which Heroes wager with their “Legend” (experience) against their chances of defeating the Trials of the dungeon. It involves dice rolled in a Liar’s Cup and some goofy, fast n’ loose storytelling, and I’m hoping it’ll prove as fun to play as it was to write.

    And here I find it’s National Game Design Month! Yay!

    First playtest scheduled for Friday. Thanks for setting this up – excited to see games evolve!


  3. Luck of Legends has been playtested twice, and now I’m on to crafting a whole new dice mechanic. It’s working, but it’s hard to test the math – the probabilities are wonky, and I’m no expert on anydice. Haven’t heard anything (I’ve been checking this site), but I’m still here – and in it to win it! Cheers!

  4. Trials of the Magi has undergone numerous playtests and is shaping up to be a project I am really proud of!

    Should be able to make its scheduled release this Sunday.

    If you are interested in checking out the project I have been very active about the project on twitter, under both the #NaGaDeMon and the #TrailsoftheMagi hash-tag.

    This has been a wonderfully challenging experience and I look forward to playing everyone’s finished games!

  5. Take that NaGaDeMon! I finished my game today.

    Working title of ‘Dragon Kingdoms’ – It’s a board game where you are a dragon vying to become the strongest and only dragon in the kingdoms.

    Each player controls a dragon and an adventuring party to build their hoard and fight other dragons. The adventuring party isn’t working for the dragon in-game.

    I’ll stick a photo up on the Facebook page.

  6. I have a print of your avatar design from In the Troll Wood, and seeing it here made me happy!

    Luck of Legends is in phase 2 – new dice system waiting to be tested. Looks good – we’ll see how it goes!


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