Now It’s December

Hi all! I hope you have been enjoying a well-earned rest after the effort and hi-jinks of November!

I just wanted to let you all know that the first issue of the NaGa DeMon newsletter went out to subscribers today. It’s short and sweet (just like me, some would say) and if you aren’t a subscriber yet, you can be by clicking here!

I am hoping to send a short newsletter each month, probably with a brief article about game design, and / or update on NaGa DeMon. If you would like to write something either for the newsletter or the website, then get in contact with me! If you wanted to spit out a few hundred words on your “journey”, or just share how awesome you were at slaying the demon, I wouldn’t stand in your way!

Speaking of contributors, I really appreciated the help of all the people that wrote articles this year – without them this site would not have been updated anywhere near as regularly as it was! So, everyone give a big round of appreciative applause to Ben Gerber, Rob Lang, Michael Wenman, Chris Watts, Keith Fyans, Mike Bilter and Andrew Smith. You lot rock!

I would also like to thank everyone who has responded to the 2012 Survey. That’s about 50 of you so far, but I know there is more of you out there that have participated or thought of participating in some way! Any kind of feedback is appreciated, no matter how much or how little you completed in November, and I would love it if you took 3 minutes to complete the survey. The feedback I have received so-far has been very enlightening, and the comments have been both enthusiastic and valuable.

I am really pleased to see so many of you still blogging and tweeting about your continued NaGa DeMon adventures. Some of you made amazing progress in November, and even more of you are tying up loose ends in December. Great work, and don’t forget to post a comment here, on the Facebook or Google+ pages, or via Twitter when your work is done!

Enough from me, for now. Once again, thanks for a great November.

– Nathan Russell

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