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This article was written by Andrew Smith and originally appeared at on October 12th, 2009. The Stockade was a website dedicated to encouraging Australian game designers to get up and create their games, much like NaGa DeMon! The Stockade has been “finished” for a very long time now, and its web hosting expires very soon, so I thought I would share some of the still-relevent articles here over the next few months.

Game design notes can be a useful text for any aspiring designer.  It gives insight into someone else’s game and their design process.  Importantly, it gives the inexperienced designer some things to watch out for.

Steve Jackson Games published Revolution this year, and have just made available the design notes.  These are notes from an experienced designer, working with an experienced game company.  If your game project for the Stockade is your first game, take the time to read a few game design notes and ask yourself whether the same issues apply to your game and if they do, how you will tackle them.

And if you know of any other game design notes out there on the web, post them in the comments.

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