Friday already?

Another Friday down already? Where is the time going? Some participants have made amazing progress and I am very excited to hear that playtesting is going on – congratulations to all those demon hunters, you have just about completed your EPIC QUEST! Way to go!

If you’re languishing a little bit like myself, never fear! The weekend is here again, and although you have lots of other commitments and your loved ones are wondering where exactly you’ve disappeared to, I say you join me in buckling down and doing some good-old-fashioned catching up!

I am SOOOOO far behind. Remember last weekend, when my goal was to complete the character creation rules for my RPG? Well…. Definitely this weekend. Actually, I have booked a session of my game for next Friday, so I need everything ready to go by then. That’s kind of a rock-hard deadline for me. If you are struggling a little you might want to invite some friends around for a game sometime soon as a form of motivation, too.

Once again, way to go all of you that are on track, and keep on keeping-on those of you that have fallen behind! It’s not over till the fat gamer sings, and I’m not in tune yet!

3 Replies to “Friday already?”

  1. My game is looking pretty good right now. I have another play testing session planned this weekend, but I feel like I have a much easier task with a small filler game than a full blown RPG. That’s a huge project! Best of luck to all and keep writing!

    Check on the progress of my game on my blog.

  2. Writing hasn’t been too much of a problem for me, but finding an opportunity to playtest is a pain. I guess my dilemma then is the opposite, but hopefully I’ll get at least one session in before the month is up.

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