Dice Probability

I am no math guy. I can count enough to put the right number of candles on my birthday cake, but not much else. This doesn’t usually worry me when it comes to game design, because I am more of a “it feels right” kind of guy, rather than a hard probabilty guy. This has served me well enough (so far). Some games (and game designers), though, like the mathamatical stuff you can do with dice probability. And if you are designing for an existing game, you probably need to understand how the probabilities work in that system. There has been a fair bit of discussion on my own game, FU, over at the FU yahoo group about alternative dice mechanics, probabilities and the like. It has all been very interesting (if I do say so myself). If you are interested in that discussion you should check out the yahoo group. If you are interested in dice probabilities, have a look at the AnyDice website.

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  1. I love anydice. Great site for testing out the effects of different dice strategies. As a Fudge based gamer (and now starting to look more at Fate), I love coming up with different ways to generate variations of the -4 to +4 dice range that either reproduce the 4dF probabilities, or have interesting deviations from that probability curve.

    1. As someone who has poked endlessly at FU’s dice probabilities, I would have gone mad if I didn’t have Anydice to do the heavy lifting for me.

      You might not guess it, but I’m also a “It Feels Right” person at heart. I just like to check the probabilities against my instincts. As long as it lines up in a ballpark way, I’m usually happy if the feel of the dice rolling works.

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