Demon Hunter: Keith Fyans

Demon Hunter is where we grill a NaGa DeMon participant about games, their goals for November, and more. Read on to meet today’s Demon Hunter, Keith Fyans!

Hi Keith! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Keith Fyans. I live in the sunny city of Glasgow, Scotland. These days I’m more of a consumer than a producer when it comes to gaming, though in the past I’ve been heavily involved in setting up and running all kinds of events, from clubs and conventions through to LARP festivals and banquets. These days I take a more supportive role in this sort of thing due to other commitments. Away from the gaming table my social media blurbs describe me as an Anarchist Communist, Feminist, Atheist, Poly, Queer, Geek, Transhumanist, Vegan – Peeps can make of that what they will. 🙂

Which games impress you and why?

Freemarket: This game is the closest fusion of game terminology and mechanics and setting I’ve ever seen. And WHAT mechanics they are. And WHAT A SETTING.

Houses of the Blooded: I love stories of Tragedy with a capital T. The Oresteia. Hamlet. Elric of Melnibone. The Wire. This has all the ingredients cranked upto 11 thanks to the best riff on Aspects I’ve seen to date. Again the system and setting go so well together.

Sweet Agatha: Wow. I’ve played through this a few times. Cutting the book. Reviewing the clues. Creating a story. A David Lynch movie. A modern day fairy tale. Film Noir. Every time different journey that reveals more about the people playing than it does Agatha.

Fiasco: If anyone reading this has enjoyed a Cohen Brothers film but hasn’t played Fiasco  then they are missing out on a great experience. In the time you would take to watch a film with your friends you can collaborate to make a story for yourselves. Again, the system drops in all the elements to make the themes work.

L5R CCG up until the Time of the Void and the 1st ed RPG: A story has a beginning, middle and an end. AEG may have forgot this, but the quality of their products didn’t. L5R in that moment was something incredibly special. Tragic. Heroic. A true epic. Since then all you get are high-quality standard products, but they don’t have the magic. Each edition of the RPG keeps “fixing” a near-perfect machine. Each set of cards is just another chapter in a closed book.

How are you participating in NaGa DeMon this year?

I try design a new game every NaGaDeMon, with as little knowledge or planning in advance as possible. All I know this year is that I’m going to do a game involving pirate ships, frantic crew assignment and drinking rum. This all came out of a conversation with a friend who is on the brink of publishing a small press game about ship-combat (I’d plug it here but the title is one of the last things they are going to do!). While I found us talking in  similar terms it became obvious to me that we had two very different beasts in mind, and so I decided to put my ideas on ice for a couple of weeks and then see what November brings me!

What are you expecting to be a challenge over November?

Finding the time for gaming has been a real challenge for me over the past few years, and NaGaDeMon will be no different. I’m hoping that we’ll see a couple of “Design Jam” sessions here in Glasgow where me and some of the other local participants can meet up and bounce ideas off one another.

What are you looking forward to over November? 

NaGaDeMon gives me a taste of the frantic preparation and organisation I used to put into gaming events near-enough full-time. While I don’t think I’d want quite that level of involvement and commitment again, it is nice to keep the old “muscle memory” alive just in case!

Who would you most like to play a game with?

Wow. Errrm. Well… I’d play Death at Twister! Most Excellent!

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