Demon Hunter: Andrew Smith

Demon Hunter is where we grill a NaGa DeMon participant about games, their goals for November, and more. Read on to meet today’s Demon Hunter, Andrew Smith!

Hi Andrew! Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Andrew Smith: blogger, mini-con organiser, amateur photographer and collector of too much Star Wars Lego. You can check out more about my gaming thoughts by going to Tabletop Manifesto. And while you’re there, download Siege. It’s my first story game and it’s all about running out of resolve and patience and ammo just to get what you want.

Which games impress you and why?

I adore Don’t Rest Your Head by Fred Hicks. The setting and rules mesh together in just the right way to drive the story forward and then get out of the way to let you make more story. And the same is true of Poison’d and Apocalypse World, both by Vincent Baker. Vincent’s model of gaming follows the same concept, and in many ways takes it even further. Good rules push you back into the fiction so that you make more story.

How are you participating in NaGa DeMon this year?

Last year I only managed to contribute a Scrabble variant to Naga Demon. This year I’m indulging myself a lot by writing about Lego and by building on the deceptively simple innovation of FU to make Lego FU. This will be a game about creativity and building on the other players to make an adventure in the Lego universe. And if I have enough time I’ll add some paragraphs on how to Lego-fy your other games. Hmm. Don’t Rest Your Brick? 🙂

What are you expecting to be a challenge over November?

The challenge for me is to find a way to encapsulate all the good values of Lego into a story game. It’s such an upbeat and relentlessly positive setting, especially in the face of opposition. Our hobby tends to produce a lot of games with destruction and angst, so I’ll need to invert much of that thinking to make it fit Lego.

What are you looking forward to over November? 

I can’t wait to play this game. Story games plus Lego? Doesn’t get much better for me. The other thing I’m keen for is the chance to work with John Reid on the layout for this project. I’ve had the immense joy of gaming with him at conventions for a few years as well as having his feedback as a play tester. I was over the moon when he agreed.

Who would you most like to play a game with?

I think I’d play Fiasco with Shaun Micallef, Bill Bailey and Stephen Fry. If I win Naga Demon, do you arrange this for me? There’s a winner, right?

Thanks for participating!

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