Chin up, Soldier!

The second week in November. You’ve been wrestling with the beast for more than a week now, you’re tired, battered, and bloody. But now is no time to stop – lift your blade (or pen, or dice bag, or crayon) and make another thrust at the Demon!

Perhaps you’ve made great progress so far, but are feeling a little sleep/TV/family deprived. Maybe you have not yet had the success you had planned for. Maybe the finish line seems like it is so far beyond the horizon that you will never get to it. Do not fear, and do not give up! There is still plenty of time for you to finish your game and play it.

If you need time out then take it, recharge those batteries. An occasional evening away from your game is not going to kill it or you. Watch some TV, see a movie, have dinner with your family. Do something you enjoy, or do something menial and brainless. Have a mojito.

But don’t walk away from your project for much more than a day – the longer you stop for, the harder it is to re-start. The short break will give your brain time to process things, and when you come back to your game you will be able to look upon it with new eyes, tackle those problems with new energy, and begin to get back on track. But you have to get back on that proverbial horse first.

Show Offs

So, some of you might just be smart-arses. You have already finished your game and are either thinking up your next project or just relaxing in front of the television with a cup of cocoa. Great work! You’ve got the Demon in a sleeper hold and are choking the living daylights out of it!

But don’t get too comfy just yet!

Now’s the time to play that game of yours. Get your friends around, take it to your local club or game store, or gather a group online. Maybe you could “trade” games with someone else that has finished, and try each others game. Just play it!

And talk about it. Did things go as expected? What was surprisingly easy or difficult? Did you learn anything about your game, game design, or yourself? Are you pleased with your results, or are there things you would like to change – because the good news is there is still time!

Whether you are finished or freaking out, great work so far! Keep going!

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