Checking In – Nathan’s project

Okay, so how is that mini-goal going? I said on Friday my mini-goal for this weekend was to get the character generation chapter for my RPG Perpetual City completed. So far I have spent a fair bit of time writing descriptions of the different denizens of the city but have not got into a lot of crunch. That is okay for now, as the setting is at least as important as the rules for my little project. However, I am really going to have to get into gear if I want that chapter finished by Sunday night!

You can read more about what I am doing (including “excerpts”) over on my blog.

So what’s working for me so far? Turning off the TV! I am lucky that my wife is happy to write on her blog while I work on my game, so there is no distracting television in the background. My plan is to record the shows I want to watch (or hit Hulu) so I can use them as rewards for when I reach those mini-goals.

How are you going? Are you rewarding yourself?

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