Ready To Rock 2015

Hi everyone! November is almost here, which means it’s almost Demon Slaying Time – YEEEHA! I hope you have sharpened your pencils, prepped your dice and told your gaming crew you will need them soon to play test your TOTALLY AWESOME GAME!

As always there are a bunch of you that have started preparing and have a solid idea, plenty of notes and a road map that will lead you to success. There are also just as many of you that are just going to do it all by the seat of your pants! Whatever your preferred method, make sure you pace yourself and keep the eye on the prize – getting your game to the table (or screen!) and letting some people enjoy a taste of it.

I apologise that I (and this website) have been so quiet this year. My family has had to deal with a number of unexpected (and sometimes scary) turns this year and while we are on a much more even keel now it has taken its toll on my time and energy. I am here, however, to support everyone in their endeavours this November. I want you all to create amazing, exciting, entertaining, thoughtful, fun games.

I will be as active as I can on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) and hope you will be, too. If social media isn’t your thing, leave a comment below with where you are blogging, commenting and sharing your successes! Share your progress; ask for and give feedback; and encourage everyone involved to keep going and continue to do their best.

Good luck everyone!