National Game Design Month Wants YOU to create, play and talk about games in November.

Newcastle, Australia October 25th, 2012 – National Game Design Month, or NaGa DeMon, is all about making and playing games. During the month of November participants are encouraged to create and play their own games and share what they have learnt from the experience.

NaGA DeMon is all about building community through games and game design.

“Though NaGa DeMon started life simply as a way to motivate people to finish projects, it has grown into something much bigger. Now it is about meeting new people, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.” Nathan Russell, NaGa DeMon founder said.

Despite its name, NaGa DeMon is a truly international event with participants from all over the world.

There are no restrictions on what kind of game you create; how “big”, “long” or “hard” it is; or how much time you must spend creating it. If you want to bang out an RPG in 24-hours, go right ahead; if you want to spend 3 weeks putting together an electronic game, do it!

The rules are simple – create, write, play and discuss a game during November.

Create the game in November. It can be based on ideas, notes and other resources, but the putting together of the game should occur during the month.

Finish the game in November. Complete the game! A complete game should have everything required to play – no hand-waving (“Oh, I’ll make those cards later”) allowed!

Play the game in November. It doesn’t matter whether you play your game in the garage with your mates, on line with a stranger, with your Nan over a cup of tea, or by yourself in the attic – just play it at least once!

Talk about your experience. Both during November and afterwards, talk about what you did; share the game with others; blog about the process; tell everyone how awesome you did or how epic your failure was. What’s the point of creating your own game if you don’t tell everyone about it?!


You “win” NaGa DeMon if you do the above 4 things. There are no judges, panels or secret ballots. Follow the four easy steps and win! Complete this epic 4-step quest and prove yourself a game design DeMon! What do you win? Besides the satisfaction of a job well-done, the respect of your peers and the admiration of those less awesome than yourself? Nothing. The point is to actually buckle down and make that game that you know you want to play and share. You do that and you win!



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