NagaDemon 2015Hello and welcome to National Game Design Month 2015!
Whether you intend to make a pen-and-paper RPG, a first-person-shooter, a miniature war-game, card game, platformer, choose-your-own-adventure book or something else entirely, I wish you all luck and fun gaming!
My name is Nathan Russell and I will be your guide on this EPIC ADVENTURE! That means I will be posting… umm.. posts and sending you emails (you have signed up for the newsletter, right?) and generally keeping you motivated. It also means I am hear to answer any questions you might have, just message me on Twitter, or the official Facebook page, or shoot me an email here.

The first thing you should do, though, is say “Hi!” in the comments of the 2015 Roll Call post.

If you would like a neat little badge or banner to share your love of NagaDemon, then grab one from the 2015 Downloads page.

Finally, when November eventually ends and you are exhausted from the fun you have had, make sure you check back and share a link, review or blog post about your game and your experiences!