Welcome to National Game Design Month 2013!

It is my hope that I will be able to make navigating to your work, conversations and (hopefully) finished games easier this year. Make sure you let the world know that you are giving NaGa DeMon a go by talking about the event on your favourite forum, your blog, FB, G+, or just by screaming wildly from the top of the tallest building in your neighbourhood! By all means, throw a comment below, too, telling us who you are and what you are hoping to achieve this year!

You can find the official Facebook page here, our Twitter is @TheNaGaDeMon and on G+ here!

2 Replies to “2013”

  1. I’m Steve, I’m not really well known anywhere, though you may have seen my novel on Amazon, my name as the author of the Demimonde expansion for Tenra Bansho Zero, and maybe my weekly Wednesday night online tabletop played at Whycalibur’s channel on YouTube.

    This will be my first year attempting NaGaDeMon after I learned about it last year in… December. I intend on attempting to design a military shooter-esque RPG in a similar vein to X-COM: Enemy Unknown (and the upcoming Enemy Within expansion). My goals are to make it as uncomplex as possible, with easily determined line of sight and cover rules, which I feel is ambitious enough to begin with!

    I’m pretty amateur at this, but what better way to learn than to leap in head first?

    1. Hi Steve and thanks for dropping by! I picked up X-Com only a couple of weeks ago and have been playing the pants off it. I have such fond memories of the original game, and am having a blast with it on the X-Box. I look forward to seeing how you progress in November!

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