2012 Roll Call

So, who has taken up the quest, girded their loins, and prepared to set out to face, fight and defeat the beast? If you are undertaking NaGa DeMon in 2012 leave a comment below with your name, and a brief description of what you are working on.

180 Replies to “2012 Roll Call”

  1. Hi, my name is Nathan Russell, and as well as kinda organising NaGa DeMon I will be working to get my game Verge re-vamped and re-written.

  2. I’m Shorty, and I blog over at shortymonster.co.uk and I will be working on a Steampunk card game. I’m cheating a tiny bit as this is my first NaGa DeMon, in that I’ve already put a bit of work into the game, but after some early playtesting, pretty much the whole thing needs re-working from the ground up.

  3. Hi, I’m Ben Halbert and I’m hoping to write a ‘game book’ style adventure over the course of November. If you want to read it please turn to page… wait, I have to write it first.

  4. I’m Tim “Sniderman” Snider and I run The Savage AfterWorld, devoted to Mutant Future. This year, I have an RPG concept I’ve been twiddling around with for a year or so. Here’s the “elevator pitch”:

    There are more than 136 million items in the historical collections held by the Smithsonian Institute, scattered throughout 19 museums in Washington DC. Many of these items are culturally significant. Most are historically significant. And then there are the items kept in the Special Americana Collection.

    These items are magically significant.

    PCs are curators for the Smithsonian’s “Special Americana Collections Division” (SACD), a subdivision of the Smithsonian Institution Office of Protection Services. Their official job description is to “identify and acquire items of significant historical importance.” Their unofficial job description is to “investigate events of an unexplained nature, identify any items imbued with unearthly abilities, and retrieve/secure these items.”

    Warehouse 13, The Lost Room, The Librarian TV movies, and Friday the 13th: The Series are inspirations for the concept.

  5. Hello, I’m Sean, and for NaGaDeMon, I’m going to be working on “Undelve”, a Dungeon World hack that can best be described as a cross between Dungeon Keeper and Paranoia. Play as monsters, defend the Master, fight invading heroes, and compete for the big bad’s Favor to become more powerful!

  6. I’m going to be working on game that will be one part Dread Pirate, one part RoboRalley, and three parts drinking game, provisionally called “Rum Ration!”

  7. Hey! I’m Stras. I’m a fan of fun pick-up and run games, so I’ll be focusing on polishing up one idea and playtesting it before the end of the month.

    I have a few projects on the backburner but likely candidates are Dice Squad Tactics (an grid combat game that uses index cards for character sheets, and dice for enemy combatants) or a heretofore unnamed zombie-survival game.

  8. I’m Ryan. I have a podcast and several games I’m working on.
    None of those things will be my NagaDemon project.
    I have a few ideas. One involves the the theme of being lost in the forest.

  9. I’ve played around with an idea for about 10 years – going to put it on paper this year:

    A tabletop RPG based around the works of L. Frank Baum — OZ.

  10. Hi there, I’m Stuart and I am going to work on a rpg where players exchange their memories and their personalities for the chance to save the human race.

  11. Enough pussyfooting around. The half-finished zombie board game I’ve been working on for the last year is gonna get finished. And it’ll probably not be about zombies anymore. Because really, zombies again??

  12. Hey! I’m Jon Shepherd, and I’m using Nagademon as an excuse to get off my butt and put commit one of my old ideas to paper. The one that I’ve more-or-less all set to start on is called Westnick Academy (working title), and is a genre mashup of highschool drama and detective noir.

  13. Hello all. My name is Michael Smith, and I’m going to be continuing a project that I started earlier this year but have been slacking on terribly.

    It’s a hybrid card game/tactical RPG designed around cooperative boss fights, in the spirit of MMO-style raids. My wildly out of date blog is at bfta.tumblr.com.

  14. Hello. My name is Jesse. First time at NaGaDeMon, but have done quite a bit with Print and Play over at BGG. I’ve had an idea for a “Lite” version of a 4X style game rolling around in the cobwebs upstairs for the last few months, and thought this would be a great opportunity to try making it. It will be a generic space theme for now, but I can see it morphing into another setting or another.

  15. Heya, I’m Bradley Rose, and I blog about Magic: The Gathering design and sometimes non-Magic game design at millingfor53.blogspot.com!

    I’m getting a bit nervous since I’ve got a week left, and I still don’t have my game idea! The only thing I know I want to do is the medium: a card game. =)

  16. Matt here. First attempt at this kind of thing. Still not 100% what Im going to do, except itll be a light rules engine strapped to a story game.

  17. I’m in. Not totally sure what I’ll create yet, either a ‘generic’ fantasy RPG or a duelling board game, or something completely different, maybe.

  18. Hi there. Rather than list of my notable accomplishments in game design (because I have none to list) I shall just get straight down to it and describe the kind of game I want to make:

    It’s an RPG with a very heavy narrative focus and leaning a lot towards being more of a cooperative storytelling game than a traditional RPG. The game will be very rules-light, it will use Fudge dice exclusively, and characters will consist mechanically speaking only of a list of traits (think Fate aspects). I even have a name all figured out: Primetime, because the game will set out to emulate and have a lot of trappings taken from television (which, since it comes in all kinds of genres and setting types, would technically make this a generic RPG).

    I foresee no real problems actually writing and making the thing, but I am rather sceptical of the prospects of finding the time and people to actually play the game before the end of November. My alleged friends are not the most organisable bunch. Still, I will try, and worst case scenario there’s always online play (though what I want to accomplish is probably a lot better suited for face to face playing than IRC.)

  19. I just found out about Naga DeMon, and this has spurred to get to and finish my “Mr. Lincoln’s Headache” project. A game about juggling politics and generals in the Civil War until you can find one that fights. 🙂

    1. Got so excited about the bells, I forgot to say what I’m working on.

      Either finally finishing Aruneus(high fantasy, zombie apocalypse), doing a board game and finishing Upgrade Wars (deck churning futuristic giant robot combat) or an idea I had called No Spill Blood(TBA).

  20. My name is Ben Kanelos. I’m a member of BOGADAP (Board Gamers of Greater Akron, Design and Prototypers) and MSTB’s Indie Gaming and Game Groups Coordinator.

    After a long drought of not having any game ideas, I’ve released the flood against NaGa DeMon. The two games I’m hoping to finish are Backstab (working title) and GvE (working title). Backstab is a social trick-taking game with a secret time limit and Gve (Good vs. Evil) is a social game where an Angel and a Devil try to tempt mortals to be good or evil.

    I’m looking forwards to participating!

  21. I’ll be messing with a couple of ideas for card games – one about dungeon monsters racing hot rods, the other about long-dead dwarven thanes and the comical ways they died.

  22. Hi, my name is Alex Chase. I learned about NaGaDeMon from 1KM1KT. I have a couple projects that I would like to work on, and I’m taking the next couple days to decide for sure. My main options are a horror gamebook written choose-your-own-adventure style and a tabletop wargame based on a fantasy setting I created.

  23. Hi I’m Colin, a developer based in Scotland. I’m going to compete in NaGaDeMon for the first time this year. My untitled game will be a word game for iOS & Android devices. The goal will be to compete against others to make the most creative and/or funny sentences based on a collection of words on a topic. The more votes you get for your sentence the more points you get.

    I’ll be blogging about at at http://eager-owl.co.uk

  24. Hi ho everyone! My name is Adam Dickstein, better known in your part of the galaxy as ‘Barking Alien’. For the NaGa DeMon Challenge I am creating a rules lite, storytelling role playing game of faerie folklore in modern times called ‘InChanted’. It is essentially ‘InSpectres’ meets ‘Faery’s Tale Deluxe’ through the filter of ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’. I hope. Wish me luck! I wish the same to all of you.

  25. I am combinging NaGa DeMon with NaNoWriMo, creating a campaign world while also generating powers for the basic version of an RPG I’ve been hacking at for a while. I have notes on a bunch of mechanics, so my goal is to generate enough content for a party to play in the world I am describing, by the end of Novemember.

    The system is called Paracosm, and the story and world is Orthos. ^_^

  26. this is my second NaGaDeMon and i will create a rpg about goblins, how to play them and against them.
    the rules im working on a long time but the goblins are new.
    hope i finish the game

  27. Hey all – Johnny here. Working with my pal Lew on a Sandbox Sci-Fi pen and paper RPG akin to Freelancer / Wing Commander Privateer / Grand Theft Auto in Space. We’re excited to figure out how to replicate the experience to a tabletop game. Good luck all!

  28. I’m Slater, AKA the RichmondGamer, and I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to be working on yet, but I have a couple of ideas brewing:

    1. A quick tech vs. fantasy miniatures game (elves/orcs versus soldiers/cannons thanks to a friend’s idea about a tank game)
    2. A rules-light RPG system for survival horror.

  29. I’ll be working on a board/cards/tokens game where each player has a team of monsters and 1 hunter fighting for survival and control of the city. Urban fantasy horror action in a game of competitive resource management.

  30. My name is Colin. I hope to write a Campaign setting for my RPG using the strictures of the NaNoWriMo to gear me into action

  31. As part of NaGaDeMon, I’ll be launching an IndieGoGo campaign for, and developing, Heaven’s Shadow, a Mini Six compatible “novella RPG” about assassins of faith hunting ancient demons hiding in human form.

    Looking forward to seeing how well it does.

  32. Hi. This is Warpspawn from Warpspawn Games. Will probably do 1 or more titles this month anyway. Might as well get some free advertising here while I’m at it. Let the games begin!

  33. Count me in. I’m thinking about a deductive game called “Amnesia” where players are trying to discover their own identity.

  34. Howdy all! I’m Darrell, and I’m dusting off an old “psychics in the modern world” RPG I wrote in college, and re-doing it based on the now-open source Over the Edge system. It’s something I’ve been pondering for a while now, but when I stumbled onto NaGaDeMon, I realized it’s just the impetus I need to actually get it done.

  35. I’m in!
    My game shall be Fists of the Four Isles. Fast-paced fantasy martial arts action. Trolls and Kung Fu and spirits and chi magic and swords and ninjas and revenge!
    Right now I’m planning to use FATE rules with changes to conflicts that I’ve been playing around with.

  36. Hello. I’m Joe, I’ll be working on a game for FuckThisJam, but I’d also like to work on something for this. My idea is a board-game style video game with a randomly generated and complex ecosystem, with evolution, board control, and speciation as the themes.

    I want the underlying mechanic to be simple enough to get in ten minutes or so, but with the randomization and procedural content generation creating emergent gameplay.

  37. Hi all.
    I pretend to create a light game (30 minutes or less) about guys wearing socks running and sliding on a polished floor. They must collect items to earn victory points and to improve their skills moving around the playing area.
    But most important is living the NaGaDeMon experience!
    I created a blog at BGG to keep track of the process: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/blog/1879

    Good luck everybody!

  38. I’m Rob Monroe and I have no claim to fame. After several years of mixed success with NaNoWriMo, I’m looking for something different.

    I’ll be working on a rules-light RPG intended for people who have never played an RPG before, with an emphasis on role-playing over roll-playing. The first version will be for fantasy setting, but the core rules will be setting neutral.

  39. RiftWars is an RPG for beginners (rules only at the moment; no guidance on roleplaying). It’s setting is a blend of fantasy and technology, but the rules can be used for any setting, be it pure fantasy, pure technology, anything. Rules are already mostly finished; thought I participate by playtesting this with my friends.

  40. I’m going to work on a rules-light sci-fi RPG that focuses on cooperation, storytelling, and just-in-time character building. The idea is to get started playing quickly and defer decisions about your backstory until you learn more about the world you’re interacting with. My goal is to encourage people to easily invite new people into their gaming groups and encourage more gaming at all skill levels — the player should get experience at the same rate as their character.

  41. I, Mark Meredith of Diemonkey.net will be joining! I plan on writing up a game I’ve been thinking about for the past few weeks: Troll, the RPG. You play… A troll.

  42. Kim here. My colleagues and I will be working on a light ruleset for a starship troopers co-op card game.

    Let’s get those creative juices oozing out!

  43. I’m working on a card game called ‘Dungeon Dealer’, for those nights when no one really wants to run a game. It will use a standard deck of cards and have Basic and Advanced Rules.

  44. Hello, John Payne here.I will be working on an OSR D&D Style game and setting. The setting explores the implications of mankind inventing the copier before the printing press. It is a medieval setting influenced by Southeastern Asia, urban life in the Roman Empire and a host of other odds and ends. The setting, oddly enough, features nagas as friends of mankind.

    I started developing this setting three years ago and never finished. Now is the time!

  45. My name is Etienne Carle. I was planning on doing NanoWrimo but I learned today about NaGaDeMon. I will try to write a RPG in the Victorian era about gentlemen where the classic monsters are humans that got twisted.

  46. Hi, I’m Keith Davies.

    I’ve got a roleplaying game (Echelon) that’s been hanging fire for a couple years now. I meant to get it to the table last November and that didn’t happen. This year, I’ve got a week off at the beginning of the month and I’ve worked out a development plan. This year it happens.


      1. I suppose it’s time for a Status Check.

        Not quite where I wanted to be, but I’ve travelled a fair bit, just in a direction other than the one I’d expected to. I needed to visit these places though, so I still feel good about a playtest by the end of the month.

  47. Hello all, I’m taking my first plunge into the sea of game design. I’ll be working on ‘Bodhisattva’, a deck-*un*building game where the object is to achieve enlightenment by getting rid of all of your cards.

  48. Will be finishing up Claws Off My Brain after getting it up to snuff last year and taking all the protospiel feedback I got and basically rewriting the main mechanics.

  49. Hi there! First time NaGa DeMon-er here. I will be designing an RPG about the Occupation of Istanbul. Mostly about Turkish Nationalists and Turkish intelligence agencies back then.

    I will blog along the way (in Turkish). Also, I promised to Rob Lang that if I “win” this NaGa DeMon, I will translate the game into English.

  50. Wombat here. I’ve been toying with outlines of The Domain Game over at the Gaming Den of Iniquity. In essence it’s a revamp of Birthright’s domain rules, but I want to revamp it into a stand-alone game (or setting generator) with dashes of Sid Meier’s Civilization series tossed in.

    Biggest challenges I see: Making the economy work, and making a build-your-own tech tree. And this project will be running alongside writing The Tao of Gaming, a take on the Tao Te Ching specifically for role players. We’ll see what makes it to the finish line first.

    Hell, I’ve got 30 whole days. Bring it on.

  51. Hey folks, I’m Blob and I’ve got a half-baked generic fantasy game that I’ve been toying around with off and on for a number of year. I want to keep it mechanically light, but have enough umph to it to be meaty while still telling a story.

    The basic rules are from a generic sci-fi game I had in mind (that might also get fleshed out because of this) that is trying to emulate and cover a number of sub-genres. If you want to go dark Gothic horror you can, ideally it will suit heroic fantasy as well.

    At the end of this, if I “win” I hope to have a completed (or at least nearly completed) rules set with a starter adventure.

    It’ll be an interesting journey to see where this takes us! Good luck everyone!

  52. Hi, I’m Chris. A blogger, game designer and general bon vivant. I’m going to use Naga Demon to polish up the idea I’ve had for a while to revise and expand the 4C super-heroes game, including betting GMing info and a world for the game.

  53. My name is Wolf. I’m one of those fiddler type GMs never 100% happy with any system, so I’m pushing out my own, until I found Fudge. It’s generic enough to work as an engine for what I want to do. I’m going to finish my Fudged Mouse Guard system to be complete with the possibility to play other species (including weasels).

  54. Charlie White here, blogger at Intwischa.com. I’m going to be putting meat on an idea that’s been kicking around for a while as I work on a project tentatively titled “Patrons & Peons,” a game that helps players explore the thrills of being arrogant, ignorant, and in charge, and the terrifying monotony of working for someone stupid.

  55. Alex Osias here. First time NaGaDeMoner.

    Well, I think it’s time to work on that weird conglomeration of HERO, MSH, DC Heroes, FATE and other systems that are tumbling around in my head as a game system.

    Working Title: Axion.

  56. I am in as well.

    I will create three rules systems: Star ship construction, Star system generation, and trade. This is part of my work on my SF setting… no title yet, coming up with one will be a major bonus goal.

  57. Howdy! I’m Thomas, a graphic designer who loves the hobby games industry. I’ve created a few small games (one or two are on my blog) and I’d like to use NaGaDeMon to revitalize my blog by creating a game a month and develop my graphic design and game design portfolio. I also occasionally participate on the Board Game Designer Forum’s monthly contest. I’ll be coming up with something new for this month.

  58. I’ve never created a game before, but I wanted to come up with something my wife would enjoy. When I asked her what types of games she likes, she said games that involve chance. It hit me on the metro this morning what to do: a competitive dice game modified by cards (and player selected rule tweaks that apply only to them) based on the Real Housewives. The end game goal would be to collect enough breakout points to get your own candid reality show. Progress can be followed on my seldom updated site serpentineowl.com.

  59. I got a slight early start already (started on Monday due to timelines associated with a couple of my projects). Plans for the month are:

    1. Bluffing/social game called Bread and Circuses (first draft already completed, playtesting hopefully this weekend)
    2. Co-operative game for http://www.thegamecrafter.com contest
    3. Completing a rewrite of an article for a major RPG publisher’s magazine
    4. Complete free adventure for the Reclamation RPG.

    Probably blogging about this sometime today.

  60. Hi, I’m Mike Goodman, and I’m working on a little minis game based on fantasy arena combat. Good times, people…good times.

    I’ll post progress on G+ and on my blog, Duels and Dice.

  61. First time with NaGaDeMo as an amateur developer. I’ll be developing and hopefully finishing a madcap racing game that I’ve described as a cross between Mario Kart and Mad Max. It’s random, capricious, and, strangely, it’s an absolute blast to play because of those qualities. Here’s hoping!

  62. Hey guys! Another first-timer here.

    I’ll be writing the rules and setting for an original fantasy RPG based on some concepts with lineages that go back as far as about 3rd grade. Aiming for something very lightweight and FATE-y.

  63. Hey, my name is Abe Kwiatkowski, and I have no game credits though I’ve been a long time amateur designer and have worked 7+ years in sales for hobby gaming.

    I’ll likely be working on a Mad Science board game idea I’ve had for a while, or a zombie survival card game I’ve just started work on. No working titles, just ideas for themes and light mechanics goals.

  64. My name’s Ben, this is my first NaGaDeMon and I’m going to try my hand at an Apocalypse World hack about a power armored squad in a world of war, currently known as ARMOR.

  65. Hi, I’m Mike and the only game I’ve ever published was a small project called ‘Space & Steel’ in 2006.

    I’m going to be working on a roleplaying game focused on playing vampires that are part of a given society/family/pact as they live throughout the ages, facing the troubles that come when you have unnatural hungers and must stare down the length of eternity every evening.

    Should be fun.

  66. My name is Tim Mirkes, and I co-own a brick & mortar gaming cafe. This will be my first NaGaDeMon, so I’m opening it up to my customers to participate, too. Tonight’s our first meeting to brainstorm and create a game on behalf of the entire store.

  67. I am a notorious tweaker, thinker, and dreamer – Enough of that CRAP its time to get to work! I have two ideas and true to form I have not completely committed to either of them – yet.

    1: Joint – RPG based on the D00 system. This game explores what goes on behind the counter in your local burger-JOINT. This is intended to be a humorous(and you MUST have a sense of humor to work fast-food)look at the lives of the workers as they scheme to get what they crave! Stylistically think Clerks!

    2: Setting guide for a campaign set in the world of Keranak from the recently released BareBones Fantasy RPG from the guys behind the D00 System. This setting guide is intended to give players and GM’s a closer look at one of the regions using a slightly finer brush-stroke then presented in core material. This is intended as the base on which a series of articles will be based.

  68. I just found out about this today, so this may be a bit of a cheat. I started writing and playtesting a diceless RPG game called Three Hats in 2010, but I am rewriting it based on playtests and some new ideas. Feel free to say hi to me on G+

  69. Hi there, William here.

    I’m working on a game that mechanically has a use for the pile of d10s and d6s that I have.

    And it is going to be set in space.

    Because space is cool.

  70. Yo. I’m working on a game based on the bad DeviantArt trend of sparkledogs (overpowered, over-colored dogs, basically). Compete with your friends to get the most popularity!

    Yeah, it won’t be a very serious game.

  71. Starting work on a co-op card game, based on a loose concept in my head and borrowing heavily from “Something went wrong” RPG by trollitc. Hopefully, I’m aiming for something munchkin-esque, with less hate between players.

  72. Hi, I’m Alex. And I will try to get one of my recent ideas for a boardgame done as a prototype. In short, it will focus on a totally neglected theme around delivering fresh accident victims into hospitals, and earn money with them 🙂 Sounds gross? No, it’s not, just a bit. With lots of satirical flavor on top. At least that’s the goal 😛
    Let the creation begin!

  73. I’m Ham, and in going to be attempting to write an as-yet-unnamed arena shooter for the PC- think Geometry Wars in a cave.

    – HC

  74. Okay, I’m in as well. I’ve actually been working on this for a couple of months (and ironically, in complete ignorance of the Ludology podcast project up until this week, because I’m behind with my listening). However, the NaGa Demon wave might well carry me to shore (right now I’m hitting a sticky patch before I can start play-testing which requires the design and construction of some 100 custom dice…).

    The project is called:
    Trading in the Mediterranean – Ninjas vs Zombie Pirates – The Solo Deck Building Dice Game.

    Yes. Really.

    You’ll find progress reports here:

    And on the BGG PnP forum for this month.

  75. I’m doing Naga Demon, too; it’s giving me the kick in the ass I needed to really commit to finishing a game I’ve been thinking about for years. It’s an alternate history game set in a rough analog of the Restoration, using my own FATE variant. You can read about it at my blog, Fortune & Favor.

  76. I thought I had done this already, but I guess not.

    I’m John. I’m doing a set of RPG rules that are a mash-up of:
    1) Fudge (with “Aspects” from FATE),
    2) WRM (from Stargazer games) and its family of games,
    3) The old-school renaissance/retro-clone trend,
    4) some elements from a few other games, including TWERPS, and some others.

    I’ve had the idea floating around in my head for a while, but I’m going to be doing the full write-up this month. I’ve been thinking about calling it WAGES (the same way WRM got its name: the first initials of each profession’s name) or TWERPAGE (back when it was more TWERPS influenced). Currently, the name I’m working with is:

    (Fudge Old-school Renaissance Adventure Game Engine)

  77. Hi, I’m Kimberly, and I’m building an as-yet-unnamed browser game about sorcery, hallucinogens, genealogy, hegemony, and demons. I’m using the StoryNexus platform, which is a sort of stats-driven RPG/interactive fiction experience with cards. Not sure I’ll finish the whole thing by the end of the month, but I think I can at least get one “chapter” in.

  78. I am in!

    A game for 2-4 players.
    Players control a team of trainee elves at the North Pole who are going through their final exam. Collect coloured gift packages from the conveyor belt and stack them on your sleigh the most efficiently. Simultaneous bidding and set collection are the main mechanisms.
    Will be posting on my website boardgamedesign.wordpress.com and on Google+

  79. PhD student currently researching game making with primary school age children. One class currently of 11/12 year olds just about to design their own games in Scratch another 3 1hr 30 min lessons to go to design and make their own game.

  80. Here we go! Getting a bit of a late start, but working on something I’ve been mulling over in my head for a while: I’m going to try my hand at a FATE variant focussed on playing anthropomorphic (furry) characters; there’s not a lot of support for rules-light/story-heavy play in that little niche of the gaming world, and I’ve wanted to address that for a while.

  81. I’m working on an RPG inspired by the movie Insidious, the horror of Junji Ito, HP Lovecraft, and the Silent Hill and Shin Megami Tensei Persona video game series. It will be an RPG duality, where you roleplay a group of adventurers in both their every-day lives, and also their astral projections in the Otherworld, where the butterfly effects of the inhabitants shape their reality.

  82. My name is Joe and while I’m also getting a late start I’d like to work on a new game that I actually just thought up within the last few minutes! The working name is “Time Won’t Tell” and the idea of it is that time travel is very messy and not likely worth the troubles.

  83. ALIEN CONQUEST (tentative title)

    A fast-paced tactical miniatures game of bug-eyed, green-skinned aliens invading Earth in flying saucers to steal our BRAINS! Our only line of defense is the valiant Alien Defense Force. Can they stop this intergalactic menace before they abduct our farmers, businessmen, and spunky news reporters?

    Based on the LEGO® series of the same name, but the game system can be used for all sorts of toy-based combat. Come and see the progress on my blog!

  84. I’ve often thought about taking the card game “Mille Bornes” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mille_Bornes ), sometimes called Millebourne in the US, and adding combat aspects to it. It wouldn’t be that hard, they’re just a different type of “hazard”.

    You could do that to emulate either a Road Warrior or Car Wars type game.

    (I’m not bringing up Mille Bornes to steal your thunder, but instead to offer you a possible source of inspiration for how to do car combat in a card game)

  85. arg. somehow my posts were all showing up as “johnkzi” instead of “johnkzin”. :-/

    (and, on Facebook, I’m John Rudd)

  86. Hi, I’m Troy McClure “DoctorMike” Reddy. You may remember me from such games programmes as XLeague’s “Games Night”, “The Match” and the “G*M*S Magazine Podcast”.

    Just realised without thinking, I’ve been participating in #NaGaDeMon. A #monopolywar game, using the titular board pieces with new rules. It will involve you possibly destroying a set to make a prototype – no bad thing! – but should be quick to create, so fellow #NaGaDeMon-ers can help me play test it.

    It will be entitled “Eh? Phew!” and will reclaim Roll-and-Move from the AmeriTrash doldrums.

  87. I’m Gofur (pronounced Gopher) I’m a stage and lighting tech by trade but I work in the NHS at the moment. I started gaming aged just 8 years old when my uncle introduced me to 1st ed AD&D a good 30 years ago.
    When I started out on the RPG road I was young and from a poor single parent family so I couldn’t afford rule books at the age of 13 having played that one session of AD&D and watched one session of MErp I wrote my own game ‘the Edge’ which I ran for 3 editions and 6 years with my friends.
    I’ve played almost every type of game there is out there to play and now I’m sticking my creative iron back into the fire and working on a Tabletop rules system that can be used as an RPG and a skirmish game with fantasy miniatures from any 25mm to 32mm range.
    If it works out well, a Sci-Fi version will follow.
    Thanks for your time check out more info here.

  88. Hi, I found NaGa DeMon while searching for game publication information (getting ahead of myself somewhat!) for a fantasy-medieval quest game that I’m writing for my sons, tentatively called “Goblinquest”. This should give me the kick to actually finish something for once…

  89. Hi, I’ve decided to create a 2-4 player card game for Naga DeMon. I thought it would be fun to try and finish a game in a month. Couldn’t hurt to try.


  90. hi folks

    this project will be an attempt to make a game with a rather unique theme and feel to it. It’s going to be a 2-4 player game, where players are wealthy snobs trying to get rid of their money by generously giving it to charity and each other in order to get as much “chivalary points”, and ofcourse declining a gift from someone else is not something a gentleman would do, would it now?

  91. Hi all,
    I’m finally going to try and make a functioning prototype of a game I’ve had in my head, basically a hand management-based card-driven game. I guess thematically it’s the card game version of Rock Band.

  92. I will be working on several prototypes: a dexterity game, a card based betting game, a card driven chase game, and possibly my first attempt at a one shot freeform RPG.

    Hmmm… maybe that is a little over-ambitious?!

  93. Hi all,

    I had no idea about NaGamDeMon until Dr Mike Reddy (above) introduced me to the concept a day or two ago. By chance, on about Nov 2nd I’d already decided to take the plunge and have my first ever go at designing a board game, unaware of this website. I play a lot of board games (and work as an editor of a video games development magazine), so know games well, but I expect my first go at a board game design to be less than wonderful. Still, I’ve got to start somewhere, and NaGamDeMon seems like an ideal time! I plan to design a solitaire and co-op road movie/car chase boardgame (think Vanishing Point) with a fair few dice and a simple deck building mechanic. So, I’m starting this month late, but starting enthusiastic!



  94. Hi folks!

    I just started a prototype for a “semi-collaborative” boardgame, in a post-apocalyptic setup.
    The idea is to force players with divergent goals to collaborate versus all the nasty events which can occur in a post-apo community… If they don’t, everybody lose. However there can be only one winner at the end…

    I will try to blog about the creation process, but probably in French… If I have a working version before the end of the month, maybe I’ll translate rules at least in English.


    1. OK, things are progressing: my prototype is called “Apocalypse Town”, with a sufficient set of rules. Now, the big part is to balance everything: objectives, events, ressources and actions…

      As planned, I started blogging about it, in French, on my blog (under the specific tag “apotown”):


  95. I have several friends who are participating in the original ‘write a novel in a month’ challenge, and I decided to show my support for them by trying to make a game in a month alongside. Then, as luck would find me, it turns out this site exists devoted to exactly that. Ha!

    I’m not sure what I want to make yet, but I’m aiming for simple, and likely card-driven. I don’t want to get too far into required materials and complexity. I’ll probably give myself some simple restrictions and go from there.

  96. Ok, I’m in. I’ve been trying to decide between two ideas. And this week I’ve committed to one. I miss tabletop miniatures gaming at the skirmish level. I miss the old play-by-post games like Legends, or even email ones like Atlantis or Olympia. I want to play a skirmish level, mulitplayer miniatures battle game in my web-browser. I don’t have a working name yet, some I’m calling it War Gnomes for the time being.

  97. Hi, my name is Jordan Ritchie. This is my first NaGaDeMon. I’m designing a party-friendly, rules-light RPG that I call Slapstick. Players are characters in a slapstick film (think Three Stooges) that will need to slap, joke and escape their way to the fabled ‘top-biling’ while trying to avoid being sabotaged by other players, being knocked out or getting panned by the audience.

  98. Hi there!

    Forgot to do this at the beginning, so am doing it now!

    I’m producing a cooperative card game for one to six people emphasising group teamwork to overcome a harsh, post-apocalyptic landscape. There are a few elements to it that make it slightly less generic, but my emphasis is on having a blast with your friends!

  99. Hello all, I am Sabrael D. Carroll, and I am taking advantage of NaGa DeMon to work on a little RPG Card game that runs a mechanic of playing a Hero, gaining cards for abilities and equipment, and then going tactical on a hex board and laying waste to the enemies before you. With a build your own hero and adventure mechanic, it is a blend of DnD and TCG. I have cards, figures, prototype pieces scavenged from other games, all I need is to solidify the rules and playtest the kinks out of it.

  100. I will be working on a hunting game. I have been working on this game for several months and I play tested it for the first time on October 30th. I received some good feedback, and thought of some tweaks of my own, so I will be working on that game to completion.

  101. Hi, my wife and I have and idea for a different kind of rondel game. Going to look the mechanics and see whether it is fun or not then see if it can be made into a decent game.

  102. Hello all! My name is David Miessler-Kubanek and I’m submitting a gritty police series RPG. It’s currently called Crimestopper.

    The PDF is found at this site, http://dmkcreative.com/games/crimestopper-update/ with this link http://dmkcreative.com/docs/crimestopper11-11-12.pdf.

    It’s inspired by Ryan Macklin’s Mythender and cop shows like The Shield where Justice and Crime intersect and blur. It needs playtesting and feedback. Best, -David-

  103. This is my first time doing this challenge. In this tabletop RPG you play a loyal retainer to one of the nobles at the Court of King Sol. Perhaps you are one of Earl Mars’ soldiers, or maybe an administrator in Duke Jupiter’s domain, or maybe you help look after Duchess Saturna’s orphan homes. In any case, you are swept up in courtly intrigue and the machinations of the sinister Baron Pluto and Baroness Charon. But that’s not all: you must also defend the kingdom against the threat of the monstrous Comets!

    I will create the full rules, information about the setting and the major personalities at Court, and some artwork. Well, doodles. There will be an adventure module provided which I will be trying to playtest (volunteers welcome). You can read more on this blog!

  104. Hi,

    Anyone accepting a latecomer to help create a new tabletop RPG? I’ve been playing since ’89 beginning with AD&D then broadening my horizons to include some dozen systems played and many more read/bought. Please contact thru email or FB.


  105. Lawrence Davies (Daviesdesign) I’m designing a new game for November. Its called TRIBES OF THE VALLEY. set in the stone/ early bronze age.

    One of 4 players achieves victory along an “Honour” path, where each village is trying to build a “wonder” – Stonehenge style. I have made some development along those lines. Victory through Prestige (I think I’ll call it “Honour”), of which points are gained by:
    – most warriors/veterans
    – biggest population
    – most buildings
    – build a Bronze age wonder

    A previous game I designed had tribal warriors fighting it out with dice representing their abilities and weapons. I am actually first working on a Light Euro version with no dice and predetermined number of turns to keep game short. I’ve never liked Victory tracks but a simple Honour track might also be helpful in knowing how well your tribe is doing!

  106. Hello.
    I heard of Naga demon roughly a week ago. Today at lunch i made a passable first draft for a rulest.
    The game is a collaborative card game wherein you try to build and successfully launch spaceship before the other superpowers manage it. Now to go home and crunch some numbers.

  107. Whoops! A bit late posting here because I didn’t know it existed, but I’m working on a miniatures skirmishing game for kids called Backyard Wars. Fighting bugs!!

  108. Hmm anything to do with backyard Monsters, an online game? I’ve always been fascinated by insects fighting each other. I once made a game where Ants, spiders, aphids, termites competed for territory. It was fun to playtest.

  109. I didn’t stumble across this site until mid-way through November. I’ll definitely be back in 2013, though! Already stockpiling ideas 🙂

    1. No worries, Jeff. Whether you have dabble this year or just watch the craziness as we race towards the end of the month, it’s good to have you with us!

  110. Hi, I’m Charles England.

    I didn’t know about NaGaDeMon until this morning, but I have already spent most of November working on a game, some decided to join up here.

    My game is a tabletop Mass Effect RPG, using a heavily modified D20 system with some new mechanics tossed in. My aim is to make this project more than just an “add-on”, I’d like it to be distinct, and so far I believe I’m accomplishing it.

  111. I only heard of this event today, however I’ve been working on a Thanksgiving themed card game for the past week. The idea is that players compete to serve the most dishes before the turkey has finished baking.

    The challenges revolve around resource management (ingredients and recipes) player interaction (compliment and complaint cards) and luck (random events each turn that might give you more ingredients or have the dreaded health inspector show up!)

    I’m looking forward to finishing it soon.

  112. I just heard about this, but fortunately, I wrote a game this month and we playtested it last Sunday.

    I converted The Fantasy Trip, Steve Jackson’s first RPG published by Metagaming Concepts in 1980, to Tekumel, the first setting after D&D, originally published in 1975. So, TFT Tekumel.

    This involved creating lots of new spells, converting creatures, non-human races, magic items, and otherwise conforming things to Tekumel’s unique needs.

    Last night I played two games of Bad Elf. It exceeded my expectations. For details about the game and pictures please go to


    This is a narrowed down search on my blog for just the nagademon posts. You can also just go to


    If you use the first link then you will have to click continue reading on the second post down to expand the post and see the pictures.

    Cheers and good luck in everyone else’s gaming quests.

  114. Hey, all. This year, I used NaGa Demon not so much to create an entire game as to finally cross the finish line on a game variant (really, it’s close to being an entirely different game that uses the same materials) and (gulp) post it where people would actually find out about it. So, this I now do.

    The game uses the materials from Arthaus’ “Racer Knights of Falconus”, and is called “Road Knights of the Fallen Kingdoms”.

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